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Wood lacrosse ball handcrafted by Justin Skaggs. These hand-made wooden lacrosse balls are all unique.

These balls are made to be the same size of a modern lacrosse ball. I leave a rough texture on these so that they will spin as they release. I have tried to make them smooth, but they come out like a modern day greaser, which no one likes. I carve these on a lathe, so each one is a unique shape. Imperfections are inherent to the process, but I do my nest to stay within 1/8th of an inch and to keep them as spherical as possible.

These could really hurt someone, so only use them when you are wearing all of your equipment on. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Shipping Time

"Everything here is handmade in my woodshop, so I need a few days to process things. Engravings will add additional time. Likely 48 to 72 hours. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions."